Deadline for Sharks festival extended

Kinsale Actons

The deadline for entries for this year’s Sharks international creative festival in Kinsale next month has been extended to this Friday, August 14. Festival chairman Peter Brady of Windmill Lane said the organisers  appreciate the effort made by ad agencies and production houses to get entries in on time, but sometimes life and work gets in the way.

But, Brady added, they can only extend the deadline until this Friday as the first round of judging starts next week. So, unfortunately, there can be no further extensions. To help entrants avoid the stress of closing dates, they have outlined some tips for entering at

The top five tips are:

1. Strongest work first. There’s some work you just know is definitely going to be entered, so upload it now into the obvious relevant categories. At least you’ll have made a start and you’ve some work uploaded. You can always enter other work as it’s approved.
2. Move categories. It’s easy to move an entry from one category to another. You can always roughly guess the categories you think are right now. Move them later if you have to, but at least have the files and credits in and uploaded.
3. Only pay for what you finalise. A lot of people wait until their budgets are approved before they upload entries but that can take time and puts entrants under pressure. Remember you only pay for what you finalise. Upload your wish list now and if later on some of that work isn’t approved, just delete it.
4. Get credits. This always takes longer than you expect. If you have a long list of hopeful entries, just get the credits for all of them now.
5. Don’t wait until the last day. Our strong advice is to upload work at least one week before the closing date. Allow up to four full days to upload categories and credits. Allow one full day for final approval on your entries and budgets. Use the closing date only to triple check your files. Do what you can to avoid late nights and horrible stress. is a media partner of Sharks 2015.





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