Dooley and Brady join Marketer of the Year judges

Barry Dooley, AAI

The chief executive of the Association of Advertisers in Ireland (AAI) Barry Dooley and the head of marketing for News International (now News UK & Ireland) in Ireland Ruth Brady will help judge the Marketer of the Year 2014. Dooley took over as CEO of the AAI this time last year. He has extensive advertising experience working in agencies such as Irish International, Wilson Hartnell (now Ogilvy) and Brian Cronin & Associates.

Ruth Brady, News International

Brady joined the marketing department at News International four a half years ago. She previously worked with Vodafone for over six years where she was in charge of the mobile operator’s marketing communications. She was a senior account manager at below the line agency Creative Solutions for four years and was marketing manager for Bewleys Hampers. She is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin (TCD).

Since 1993, Marketer of the Year™ has recognised and honoured standards of excellence in Irish marketing, specifically for work done in the last two years. The person is someone, who through the use of strategy, innovation, communications and impact on the target market,  has been responsible for making their brand, product or service an outstanding success. Full details on this year’s award will be announced soon.

Marketer of the Year™  is a initiative run in association with Alternatives.

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