Folk ads focus on safe festive fare

Folk Wunderman Thompson have launched a campaign for Safefood with a focus on building safe habits among household chefs in the run up to Christmas, by encouraging the use of meat thermometers when cooking the Christmas turkey. Safefood claims that less than two per cent of people follow basic food safety checks to determine if meat is cooked.

The new Safefood ads are a sequel to Folk’s summer meat thermometer campaign.

Using a meat thermometer is the only way to ensure that the Christmas turkey is cooked at 75°C. While the Covid-19 pandemic gave home cooks a chance to upskill, this Christmas Safefood is keen that chefs across the country take their skills to the next level, which means using a meat thermometer. Food should be savoured and celebrated, not feared.

Keith Lawler, creative director, Folk Wunderman Thompson, said the campaign inspires people to take the guess work out of knowing when the Christmas turkey is done by using a meat thermometer and noting the 75°C cooking temperature. Leading with a food safety message about avoiding food poisoning was not going to deliver behavioural change.

Helpful guest

Lawler added: “It required a creative idea that focused on what’s most likely to motivate all cooks, give standout at the busiest time of the year for advertising, and do so in a way that positively reinforces Safefood as every cook’s ally. We brought back the Meat Thermometer Man and dramatised him as an unusual but helpful guest to invite to the Christmas dinner.”

The idea is to make the number 75 stick in people’s memories as the golden number when cooking the Christmas turkey. The Christmas Meat Thermometer campaign is live across TV, video on demand (VOD), digital audio, display, social media and in butcher shops.

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