Folk rolls out Cancer Society’s Daffodil Day ads

The Irish Cancer Society has launched a campaign aimed at inspiring people in Ireland who have been impacted by cancer to ‘take back from cancer’ this Daffodil Day. The campaign follows the life of aspiring young filmmaker Ziya Akkoç, sharing some personal moments from his life that his mother Rachel couldn’t experience during her cancer diagnosis.

The campaign by Folk Wunderman Thompson takes an emotive look at all of the days cancer takes from families when a loved one is diagnosed with the disease. Daffodil Day on March 25 marks a time of hope for families as they take the day back from cancer and it gives people a chance to support those impacted by cancer with every donation making a difference.

Using Ziya Akkoç’s home video footage, Folk captured an insight into what life can be like for those impacted by cancer, highlighting why the Irish Cancer Society needs people’s support. The Daffodil 2022 campaign runs across TV, digital display, radio and social media. Watch the TV ad at

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