ITT students work on Jaffa Cakes and Vodafone


In their final year, fourth year advertising and marketing communications students at IT Tallaght complete a year-long module called Advertising Portfolio Design. It is the equivalent of two modules in each of two semesters. Each student is assigned a role – account handler, account planner, creative and marketing manager – and included as part of a team.

This year, there are two groups working across two live MEC client briefs. The first brief was delivered by Pladis marketing controller Niamh Twyford  – pictured with IT Tallaght students above – for Jaffa Cakes. The second brief was a Vodafone youth brief delivered by Jack Gilligan, who leads this part of the Vodafone business at MEC.

The project will give the students a chance to work on a live brief and present back to both Pladis and Vodafone, MEC account leads and ITT lecturers in May next year. There will be two ‘shining star’ awards presented after the presentations and the two winners will be awarded paid summer internships.  Adrian Payne (on extreme left), head of department, marketing and business, IT Tallaght, with Jenny Fallon, MEC, Niamh Twyford and the students.


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