Javelin gets truly nostalgic for Spry

It’s all part of a new campaign by Javelin to raise awareness of Spry Finance’s equity release products for the over-60s. The campaign centres around the creative idea of Because life never gets old’. The TV ad follows a couple, Jimmy and Elaine from when they first meet, locking eyes across a 1970s dance floor, through marriage, children and into later life.

The years have passed, times have changed, but Jimmy and Elaine’s love and sense of adventure live on, and they are excited about what comes next. The campaign speaks to the choice Spry provides for those who are striving to enjoy a greater life in later life. Ads run across TV, radio, radio sponsorship, print and digital, including search, YouTube and display.

Audrey Farrelly, business director, Javelin, said communications to this audience often depict older people as either feeble and infirm or super-lively and energised. The campaign avoids both cliches by reflecting a life experience that is more genuine. “We’ve had an incredible journey with the brand, working hard to understand the audience,” Farrelly added.

Ailish McGlew, head of marketing and communications, Spry Finance, said people can be a little nostalgic for their lost youth but that should not mean having a limited life as they get older. Many people over 60 still feel young and are excited about what comes next, but tend to be poorly served by lenders in accessing credit and realising value from their assets.

Watch the TV ad at https://vimeo.com/786569754/57c0d0bbbe



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