Love/Hate stars don Coola Boola hats

Love/Hate fans can support two Irish charities by buying a Coola Boola Santa Hat this Christmas. The brainchild of the Love/Hate team and commissioned by the popular crime drama’s’ producers and RTÉ,  the blue santa hat is on sale for €4 at Tesco, Golden Discs and Eason stores nationwide. All profits from the sales of the Coola Boola Santa hat will go directly to the Peter McVerry Trust and to SARI anti-racism NGO.

The Peter McVerry Trust was established in 1983 to tackle homelessness, drug misuse and social disadvantage. It offers pathways out of homelessness based on the principles of the Housing First model and within a framework that is based on equal opportunities, dignity and respect. During this year, the charity worked with 3,500 individuals of whom 74 per cent were aged between 18-35.

SARI is an anti-racism NGO which promotes and supports cultural integration and social inclusion through sport. It presents sporting and cultural events that bring people together from different cultures and backgrounds and allows young people to participate in social integration projects at home and abroad. SARI  promotes intercultural dialogue and celebrates cultural diversity through school projects.

Love Hate Coola Boola Hats with Laurence Kinlan and Peter Coonan

Love/Hate actors Laurence Kinlan, who plays Elmo Creed, and Peter Coonan, who plays Fran Cooney

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