Marketing Institute launches TU Dublin postgrad

The Marketing Institute, in partnership with TU Dublin, has announced the launch of its 2021 postgraduate programmes. The partnership consists of two separate streams, namely an MSc in digital marketing and analytics and a post graduate diploma in management and marketing. Both courses have individual CPD and executive programmes allowing students to focus on specific areas, including finance, analytics and strategic digital marketing.

MII chief executive David Field (pictured) said the institute’s purpose has been to educate, enable and empower marketers at all stages of their career to have the  foresight, insight and expertise to become leaders, drive business performance and contribute to economic and social wellbeing. The MII will also fund programme scholarships from March 1.

“Since 2013, we have funded just under €120,000 in scholarships to those we believe have the potential to add to advance the practice of marketing in Ireland,” Field said. “Now more than ever, we are proud to continue these scholarships as we believe that marketing will play a key role as Ireland navigates a post-Brexit and post-Covid landscape,” he added.


The MSc in digital marketing and analytics (NFQ Level 9) is aimed at mid to senior marketers looking to empower themselves and understand how to utilise and leverage new tech. The programme aims to equip marketers with the understanding, knowledge and know-how around the digital landscape which has the power to promote business success.

The postgraduate diploma in management and marketing is an accelerator programme for non-business graduates focusing on marketing practice. Modules were developed around marketing and business research, theory and concepts, with an emphasis on usability. The qualification covers business fundamentals bringing students to a Level 9 NFQ in a year.




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