Mindshare again top NNI agency

Bill Kinlay, Mindshare

For the fourth year in a row, Mindshare is Ireland’s biggest agency investor in print and digital press advertising. The National Newspapers of Ireland (NNI) report into press spend amounted to €155 million last year, of which €94m was through-agency. JNRS says Ireland’s news consumption habit shows over 2.2 million Irish adults read a newspaper each day and 500,000 people access press online on a daily basis.

Mindshare CEO Bill Kinlay (above) says press content is more than just news, with news rooms around the country fast evolving to deliver engaging multimedia content. Such a media environment provides ideal contexts for advertisers’ messages. “Our investment in 2013 highlights the strong appetite that still exists for news and informed opinion. NNI titles continue to deliver impact and sales for our clients,” Kinlay added.

Mindshare is part of WPP’s Group M, as are Maxus, MEC and MediaCom. It is half-owned by DDFH&B.

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