Mindshare rolls out Brennans NFTs

GroupM’s Mindshare have launched a new campaign bringing Brennans Bread into the world of NFTs and specifically targeting the Generation Z consumer audience. What is an NFT? The letters stand for non-fungible token. NFTs allow people to buy and sell ownership of unique digital items and keep track of who owns them using the blockchain virtual ledger.

The communications is aimed at raising awareness and consideration with GenZ. To do so, Mindshare leveraged demographic insights to build an integrated social media and NFT campaign focused on giving GenZ consumers a chance to own a piece of Brennans forever. The campaign is built for digital natives using Instagram and TikTok platforms.

The campaign runs over a month with Brennans launching four sandwiches each week to the public for sale. The sandwiches are inspired by the nation’s favourites sourced from community conversations online. The artworks are for sale on the Bubblehouse carbon-neutral NFT marketplace. Each NFT is sold for €1.87, the average cost of a family pan.




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