Most employers expect loss of furloughed staff

Research from recruitment platform Occupop shows that most employers believe they will lose furloughed staff  permanently due to career changes and health concerns that have arisen since the pandemic started. The report found that 75 per cent of HR managers and CEOs feel furloughed staff will not return to work once a business fully reopens.

The findings indicate a major overhaul of the future of work and the recruitment process.

The study also showed that 27.5 per cent feel that staff might not go back due to health concerns. Some employees may use their time off as a means of changing career, which may result in higher competition. The report says 37.5 per cent of respondents think despite Covid-19 recruitment will increase by a quarter in the coming months.


Seven in 10 HR managers and CEOs said they would be open to hiring and completing the recruitment process completely remotely and 74 per cent of respondents are happy to accommodate a combination of on-site and remote work where possible. Occupop is AI powered recruitment software aimed at reducing time spent on candidate screening.

A recent study by Amárach for Fórsa trade union found 86 per cent support working remotely, while over 80 per cent of those favour a hybrid working arrangement. The transition to digitising workplaces, adopting new tools and going paperless was also prevalent in the report, with Zoom and Microsoft teams as the most popular platforms of choice.


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