Book on how to be a people person

Lara Cullen, a Dublin-born, London-based executive coach, has written a book on providing marketers with guidelines on how to bring out the best in themselves and others. The book, entitled How to be a People Person, revolves around three major maxims – be kind, be brave, be brilliant. A people person is able to bring out the best in themselves and others.

Drawing on psychology, neuroscience, wellbeing insights and leadership best practice, the book shows people how to be the best version of themselves. It examines what it means to be human and how to manage emotional and psychological wellbeing. It also promotes self-acceptance, how to be a kinder human being, inclusivity and compassion.

The framework applies to anyone looking for a better way to live and to leaders looking for a better way to lead. One of the author’s biggest gripes with traditional leadership frameworks is that they ignore the full spectrum of being a human and instead focus on someone’s effectiveness at work. Similarly, many generic wellbeing frameworks can be overly-idealistic.


The author claims that to be happy, healthy and successful and live a life you love you must consider all elements of life and work, be practical and purposeful and that starts from within. “The book isn’t about social skills or how to work a room,” Cullen says. “It’s a framework for living, working and leading that helps you be yourself and help others to do the same.”

How to be a People Person (SRA Books) is available from book stores and on Amazon.


“Practical, readable and meticulously researched. An utterly compulsive read. Written with Lara’s characteristic warmth, in a world awash with personal development books. The ultimate guide to being a better person and bringing out the best in those around you. I’ll be dipping back in and out of it again and again” – Andrea Thompson, editor in chief, Marie Claire

 “A must-read for leaders, aspiring leaders and anyone that supports leaders to be their best, it asks all the right questions to get you thinking and consciously paying attention… Lara Cullen perfectly balances the why (research and science) with the what next (reflections, models and tangible actions)” – Jane Roques-Shaw, Warner Media

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