Nurses strike top news story in first six months

The nurses strike, the New Zealand mosque shootings and the terror attacks in Sri Lanka were the three most important news stories in Ireland in the first half of 2019, research undertaken as part of the Core Cultural Index shows. The survey results are based on the views of 6,000 participants discussing 97 news stories across 15 different categories.

The index examines awareness among the general public of the top news stories making headlines, and the importance of such stories in the context of Irish society and culture. The study shows that 94 per cent of Irish people were aware of the strikes and 87 per cent ranked it as “important” or “very important” to them personally, with a score of 82.1.

Another story that scored high in awareness was the tragic death of activist journalist Lyra McKee during protests in Derry in April, with 83 per cent saying it was important to them. Series five of Love Island was also high on the agenda with a 60 per cent overall awareness among respondents, with 40 per cent of young adults saying it was important.

Core Cultural Index

  1. Nurses go on strike, fourth highest score since Index started in 2015  –  82.1
  2. New Zealand mosque shooting, tenth highest score –  78.5
  3. Terror attacks kill hundreds in Sri Lanka – 72.7
  4. Two boys found guilty of murder of Ana Kriegel – 72.6
  5. Journalist, Lyra McKee, shot dead in Derry by new IRA – 72.1
  6. Children’s Hospital costs increase – 70.2
  7. Local and European elections and referendum take place – 70.1
  8. Young men die in tragic Donegal car crash – 67.9
  9. Darkness into Light takes place – 65.6
  10. HSE workers nationwide strike – 64.8

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