Ogilvy creates campaign to boost library interest

Ogilvy Dublin has worked with the Local Government Management Agency (LGMA) to launch a new campaign designed to reposition people’s perceptions of today’s public libraries. While hugely popular with its active members, the last decade of digitisation has profoundly shifted reading habits and impacted the perceived relevance of local libraries.

The LGMA’s library network has evolved to meet the challenge through a range of new benefits and services. Free membership, longer opening hours, the abolition of late fees and a place for all to enjoy and learn ensures that the library enjoys a pivotal vital role in Irish communities and creates a crucial support network for society at large.

New initiatives include My Open Library for students, digital training, job search and small business support through the Work Matters service. The campaign slogan, ‘Your library. Take a Closer Look’, invites people to reconsider outdated perceptions of their local library. The campaign includes a cinema programmatic displays, radio spots and print.

Ogilvy managing director Jane Gregory said that while the ads highlight the breadth and innovative nature of the library proposition, the campaign tone is tongue-in-cheek and gently dismantles old-fashioned views that people may have libraries. “We’re enormously proud to have worked with the LGMA on this important campaign,” she added.

Creative duo James Groarke and Delphine Perret were responsible for the work.

The creative directors at Ogilvy are Emma Fielding and Marcus Hartung, above.

Watch the cinema ad at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yw0yO1_51o8



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