One in four shopping for Christmas

Despite the cost-of-living crisis and rising inflation rates, new research indicates that 24 per cent of people in Ireland have already started their Christmas shopping and almost three in four – 73 per cent – of shoppers plan on spending more or the same as they did last Christmas, a survey for Talon Ireland out of home agency by Spark Market Research shows.

The study also revealed that almost a quarter – 23 per cent – plan to shop for Christmas in October and 22 per cent in November, key periods for early shoppers. Caroline Decourcy, research and insights director at Talon Ireland, said the  trend offers an opportunity for brand campaigns to kick-in and reach those consumers already in planning and buying mode.

When looking at the differences between spending power this year, versus last year, research suggests 26 per cent have more disposable income than the previous year, with 35 per cent expecting to spend more than they did last year. Amid the current financial uncertainty, many Irish consumers still crave acts of kindness and instances of connection.

Irish people are geared up for a larger Christmas this year, with one in three planning more family gatherings. More guests means more food and 53 per cent of people plan on trading up to a more premium retailer, with only one in five shoppers sticking with their usual choice of store. For many, Christmas shopping is all part of getting into the festive spirit.

When comparing in-store vs online shopping patterns, the study revealed a stark difference from last year. In 2021, during Covid, 45 per cent of shoppers planned on doing all of their Christmas shopping online, while this year the figure is expected to drop by as much as 31 per cent to 14 per cent, with 38 per cent of shoppers doing a mix of in-store vs online.


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