Over €247m spent on TV advertising

Total advertising spend on TV in 2018 was €247,520,977, an increase of five per cent on 2017 spend figures. Television Audience Measurement (TAM) claims the performance surpasses the wider trend of total ad revenue increases in Irish media, averaging 2.2 per cent. It means that with the growth TV now has a 23.8 per cent share of the total ad spend.

The figures compiled by Guardian Management Accounting for TAM Ireland cover spot, sponsorship, product placement, AFP and broadcaster VOD revenue. From the most recent AV Data Solution work produced by Nielsen for TAM Ireland, broadcaster content accounts for 84 per cent of all audio visual  viewing across all devices where people watch TV.

The vast majority of the viewing – 79 per cent – is within the consolidated TV viewing window of seven days. TAM Ireland data also shows that the average Irish adult is watching three hours and four minutes of TV every day with 86 per cent of the viewing to live broadcast TV and 14 per cent of viewing time-shifted, average figures for 2018 show.



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