People say Valentine’s a rip-off

While most Irish people believe it’s nice to be romantic on Valentine’s Day just under half of adults say they never celebrate the day. Four in five people feel that Valentine’s Day has become too commercialised, with three in five believing that the day itself is too focused on “loved up” couples, new research findings released by Core indicate.

While many restaurants will be booked out tonight, seven in ten adults say they prefer staying in rather than going out on a date. While nearly a third of all adults say romantic relationships are more important than friendships, almost half of adults believe the opposite is true. Irish women are more likely to believe friendships are more important than romance.

Irish men are more likely to feel the opposite is the case.

Commenting on the results, Stephen Mooney, research project manager at Core, said that while Valentine’s day traditionally marks all things “loved up”, it’s clear from the study that romantic relationships are only one part of extensive social relationships. A forthcoming report from Core will explore the benefits, importance and influence of  relationships.

Pictured is a Cadbury campaign created for Valentine’s Day by The Public House  


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