Public House crafts Valentine’s idea

The Public House has launched the Upcycled Awards Collection for Valentine’s Day. The agency’s creative director Colin Hart says adland loves awards, but they aren’t conjured out of thin air. What it takes to turn an idea into a winner can take a lot of time and effort and one group does not get the recognition it deserves – their accommodating loved ones.

The Public House teamed up with sustainable Dublin jewellers Edge Only to create a jewellery range called The Upcycled Awards Collection, entirely hand crafted from the awards the agency pulled in the previous year. The agency’s awards were deconstructed and fashioned into wearable medallions in time for Valentine’s Day.

The advertising industry’s obsession awards can seem strange to outsiders, but everybody loves shiny things, so the agency is hoping these awards will be better received than some petrol station flowers and a box of chocolate hearts.

Hart said: “As an agency team, we’re so proud of our awards last year, but we know that there are people outside of the agency, at home who are neglected by late nights and relentless talk about ‘the best idea ever’ which in fairness must be painful, so this is for them.”

“Hopefully it can pick up a few more awards as we’ll need them for next Valentine’s Day!” Hart added. Watch the Upcycled Awards Collection film created by The Public House at

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