Pluto sees DRCC’s TikTok numbers go sky high

Dublin events and activations agency Pluto is using TikTok to target the GenZ market. Pluto created #100consent for the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre (DRCC) which saw over 20 of the social media platform’s most influential Irish users advocate through the app to raise awareness among the most critical demographic and support consent education.

With an estimated following of 2.8 million TikTok users largely in the 16-24 year old bracket, the  campaign garnered 5.2m social media impressions with 1.5m views on Tiktok alone. Following this, Pluto went on to sign a number of TikTok creators to partner with PR agencies across the country to connect with  appropriate youth brands.

Life Style Sports partnered with Pluto and Ireland’s leading Tiktok creators to launch a competition encouraging viewers to show ‘Your Life, Your Style, Your Sports’ and asked them to post with a branded hashtag. Life Style Sports first foray onto the TikTok platform proved a success with hashtag views of almost 300,000.

Flipz chocolate covered pretzels also gained massive traction on the app when in collaboration with Pluto they engaged with the nation’s most popular Tik Tok creators to launch a competition encouraging viewers to lipsync to their favourite movie or tv quote using #FlipztheScript. The activity resulted in a quarter of a million views.

Pictured above is Dublin Rape Crisis Centre CEO Noeline Blackwell



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