Modern Green founder helps roll out art diner

Steve Murray, founder of the Modern Green events and activations agency, has teamed up with Colin Dickson to open the new Dig In art diner restaurant on Dublin’s Camden Street. The venue, formerly Green 19, is an art, dining and cocktail experience, which has been developed in collaboration with the Irish contemporary visual artist Maser.

The food menu is described by its owners as “eclectic and imaginative” while the cocktail menu is based on the art hanging on the restaurant walls, including rare works by Banksy, Chloe Early, Invader and the only original Conor Harrington painting in Ireland. Murray and Dickson decided to use the lockdown to invest in launching the dining concept.

“The lunch menu has probably the largest in-house smoked pastrami sandwich in Dublin”

For them, the idea grew while researching the future of events and the social experience. During an online conference a quote jumped out, namely ‘Art Always Wins’. It was the spark that told them they could be on the right path. Fusing their interests and skills, they went about creating something new, an eatery revolved around an art gallery experience.

They phoned Maser to bounce off some ideas, something they had done before. Maser called them back about Atelier Maser curating exhibitions at Dig In and it seemed like the perfect fit. What exactly is an art diner? They say it is about combining the most pioneering art out there right now with great food and drink inspired by what appears on the walls.

Pictured above are Dig In owners Colin Dickson (with beard) and Steve Murray








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