Rollercoaster and Lidl launch baby bundle, the online pregnancy and parenting platform owned by DMG Media, has rolled out the Lupilu Baby Bundle along with Lidl Ireland. The bundle is a box filled with Lupilu new-born products and is available free to subscribers. Lupilu is Lidl’s own range, which includes a brand of nappies which won gold at the recent Pregnancy & Baby Fair.

Lidl’s Lupilu range features a selection of quality items at low prices including nappies, wipes and toiletries, paediatrician approved baby lotion and organic food products made with 100 per cent fruit. The bundle was curated  by an expert team. There is also a Lidl Plus coupon for a packet of Lupilu biodegradable wipes redeemable in Lidl stores.

The bundle will be launched on in October.


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