Ryanair in green U-turn

Low fare airline Ryanair plans to radically change its tack on global warming by launching its first green campaign and promoting itself as a low emissions carrier. The move will see Ryanair use the green message in its winter online and print campaigns in tandem with its tried and trusted price-led strategy.

Leary, Ryanair

Ryanair chief executive Michael O’Leary previously described global warming as “bullshit” and green activists as “Luddites”. He also labelled environmentalists “lying wankers” and said that the best thing that can be done with them was to “shoot them” as they seek to make air travel the preserve of the rich.

O’Leary said his fleet had low CO2 and noise emissions compared to the “high fare, fuel-surcharging, flag-carrier competitors who continue to operate older, inefficient and gas-guzzling aircraft”. Environmentalists doubt Ryanair’s change of heart and say the campaign will not benefit the Ryanair brand.

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