Spar again bags top Christmas ad

As advertisers spread the joy of Christmas far and wide, it would appear this year’s box office festive ads have seen better years. Of course, revellers are once again reminded by Guinness not to forget to turn the lights off as the snow gently embraces Molly Malone, transforming Dublin streets and the ‘Home of the Black Stuff’ into a creamy, white… em, pint.

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Kids talk as only kids can talk about Santa’s chimney exploits in the SpecSavers ad. It’s cute but lacks the punchline which previous Specsavers ads have given us, not least the vet’s surgery where the furry hat impersonates a cat without a pulse. As for Lidl’s elves running amok, it seems that what the family needs most from Santa is a call from Rentokil.

Health and safety warning: Prepare to skip ad to watch ad.

‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’ by Bastille is the tune for this year’s John Lewis/Waitrose blockbuster. A wee monster called Edgar the Dragon befriends a young baker girl while driving Olde Engerlanders to distraction by melting snowmen and ice rinks and setting the town’s Christmas tree ablaze. For getting people so hot and bothered, Edgar got paid £5m.

If so, surely Shrek deserves a slice of the action.

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Of course, again there’s no shortage of John Lewis take-offs this Christmas.

The Greta Thunberg-Donald Trump climate change alternative left me cold.

But as for good alternatives to the John Lewis ad – Kleenex at the ready…

Santa is on a hospital run handing out Christmas presents to patients young and old as ‘Nothing Ever Happens’ plays. Mr C then gets a little of his own medicine as a group of carol singers show up at his door gifting him festive ‘hugs’. The screen tells us 13,000 children will spend Christmas in hospital while 530,000 over-65s will be home alone.

Holidays are coming and Jimmy Murakami’s Snowman will return to melt your heart. An Post, who said nostalgia’s not what it used to be? Some of us pine for the Bulmer’s illuminated Christmas tree posters complete with their little white lights. Barry’s Tea ‘Train’ radio ad still prompts goosebumps, with heartfelt thanks to Catherine Donnelly.

My vote for best Irish Christmas TV ad again goes to Spar by Publicis… since you ask.

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Happy Christmas one and all – MC


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