TAM releases new video data

TV measurement body TAM Ireland has been building a total video panel reflecting TV households and measuring viewing across all home devices. With Nielsen tech installed in  over 400 households, TAM is able to get a broader picture of video consumption. Although its early days yet, the first trickle of data makes comparisons with broadcast media.

Up until now any data released by TAM Ireland relating to broadcaster VOD, streaming services and video sharing platforms has been claimed activity gathered by way of surveys. The data is actual usage data gathered by the technology installed in the panel homes by Nielsen and is seen as being internationally-recognised independent measurement.

Aggregated January to June 2022 data shows when both linear and on-demand offerings of the broadcasters are combined, the average Irish Adult spends 159 minutes per day with the broadcasters’ channels compared to just 21 minutes a day with the streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime and Disney + combined.


Video sharing platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram are viewed for 35 minutes a day and mainly on mobile phone devices such as the smartphone. The key adult audience, aged 24-44 years, view broadcaster content for 102 minutes per day compared to 30 minutes from the streaming services and 38 minutes from the video sharing platforms.

15-34 year olds spend twice as much time with broadcaster content than streaming, at 65 minutes and 32 minutes a day respectively. When not watching TV, their device of choice is the smartphone where they mostly consume video sharing platforms. In total across all four screens (TV, PC, tablet and smartphone), this age group spend an hour a day on such platforms.

Jill McGrath, CEO, TAM Ireland said, Irish broadcasters are not unique in this performance. The UK recently started publishing their data which sees broadcasters there also out-performing the streaming services by quite some margin. Netflix are now subscribed to the UK data by way of BARB as they prepare to roll out their new advertising model.

Pictured is Jill McGrath, CEO, TAM Ireland


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