Twenty Questions with Abi Moran

Abi Moran is chief executive of Folk Wunderman Thompson, part of WPP’s Ireland network. Agency clients include Vodafone, An Post, Bord Gáis Energy, Irish Life, Brennans and Lidl. As vice president of the Institute of Advertising Practitioners in Ireland (IAPI) and co-chair of IAPI’s sustainability council, she hopes to help drive work that prompts environmental and societal change, including the role of the recently-launched Ad Net Zero Ireland chapter.

01 What was your earliest ambition?

I was born in Zambia, so growing up I wanted a career that would take me back to Africa. I grew up and I now absolutely love having a family in Ireland

02 It’s our round. What are you having?

Virgin mojito. I promise I’ll still be some craic

03 Social media platform of choice?

LinkedIn. It’s where I am most active and get my industry news. While many are “delighted to be”, I find it’s closer to the real world. That said, it’s built around life as a contest, so on a bad day, avoid it

04 A mentor or someone that inspired you?

Notable mentions include David Bell, a previous boss obsessed about the work who constantly challenged me and Paula Murphy, a friend, ex-client and mentor all rolled into one, someone who always has a sage perspective

05 If you could be born into another time and place, where and when would it be?

In bygone days, there would have been more constraints as a woman, so I’ll stay in the present day

06 Favourite writers?

I’m a voracious audiobook listener of crime/thriller/mystery. A recent fave was Delia Owens’ Where the Crawdads Sing

07 A film you’d watch again tonight?

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy or something similar

08 Is there an unsung hero you’d like to thank?

The Irishman for whom I moved to Dublin

09 Something that no longer happens that you miss?

Eating Soreen

10 How physically fit are you?

Good. I train and run regularly. I feel the benefits on my mental health. Lockdown was brilliant for my fitness and I loved how often I could run or swim in the sea

11 Favourite ad?

The VW Golf ad with Paula Hamilton from the ’80s

12 What do you find most irritating in other people?


13 A brand to which you feel some loyalty?

See Folk’s clients in the intro. Brands I buy a little too much include Veja, Rains, Cos, Apple, LNDR

14 Someone you might be starstruck to meet?

I’m honestly trying to be more Irish and play it cool

15 Something that recently brought a tear to your eye?

Terence Swainbank. RIP Dad, you are missed

16 Something that recently got your goat?

No matter which side of the Roe v Wade debate you lean towards, some significant social and economic issues lie ahead for millions of women in the US

17 What would be your fantasy act of heroism?  

Real heroes are willing to endure personal risk. I think we’ve all seen what heroism looks like over the pandemic

18 You’ve won the Euromillions and disappeared. Where might we find you?  

Nearby, with access to the sea, close to friends, surrounded by a couple more dogs and perhaps even a horse or two

19 Someone or something that strikes you as beautiful?

Every little bit of wildlife out there. Catch it while you can

20 “Here lies Abi Moran” Complete your epitaph…

“Oh sweeeeetieee! Sadly missed, as the doggos mind her side of the bed”







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