Verve squares up for Lyons Tea

Verve Showrunner has created a new campaign for Unilever’s Lyons Tea highlighting the move from pyramid to square tea bags. ‘We’re Square’ is a tribute to anyone who’s unashamedly uncool or has been labelled ‘square’. The campaign was launched with a Dublin Airport Skywalk special made to resemble the hallway of a ‘granny gaff’, full of the kitschest kitchen signs, naffest wallpaper and a framed photo of ‘We’re Square’.

A series of digital 6-sheets followed comprising cheesy signs elderly people might hang up, full of quotes about the importance of home, travel and tea. Verve rolled out the Lyons’ Square Tea Party event in Dublin city centre. It involved influencers from across Ireland to take part in a show of the un-extreme and un-fetch, along with masters of crochet, origami and juggling running how-to sessions for guests.


To set it apart as the benchmark in square, tea-based shindigs, the space brimmed with old-style floral patterns, tacky tea towels and  crockery. The Square News was published as an eight-page, square-shaped newspaper that saw 36,000 copies run with an insert in the Irish Independent. The paper featured puzzles, articles on knitting, grammar, recycling and the weather – plus reviews and reports of niche Am-Dram shows.

A special sports section had croquet, boules and Ultimate Frisbee.

The final creative launched with the airing of the first episode of the Square Talk digital series. Each Monday, the chat show airs on Lyons’ channels and the brand’s media partner, Comedian and influencer Michael Fry talks to a guest each week about their favourite ‘square’ passion and puts them to the test. The first episode stars Susan Banks, a crochet artist who crafts tea cosies made to look like famous people.


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