Zurich uses voice for education cost checks

Zurich has become the first insurer in Ireland to leverage the capabilities of digital voice assistants, such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa, allowing parents to get a quick estimate of the likely cost of their children’s education. Zurich is responding to a growing use of voice assistants, with research showing half of online consumers globally now use the devices.

By simply saying “Hey Google/Alexa, talk to Zurich Ireland” people can interact with Zurich’s secondary school and third-level cost of education calculators to find out how much money they should put aside to cover their children’s education. As well as accessing the calculators by way of digital voice assistants, people can check education costs on their mobile device.

Sean Carty, head of online and digital, Zurich, said that with a simple question said aloud, customers can plan for the cost of their children’s education. A Zurich survey showed that the cost of secondary school rose 16 per cent compared with last year.  The idea of leveraging voice through through the Zurich education calculators is convenient and easy, Carty added.

Zurich use Wolfgang Digital for search and other tech agency services.

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