20 Questions with Cassie Joyce, Wide Eye Media

Cassie Joyce is agency and client director with Wide Eye Media, the cinema advertising sales house. She has worked with the company for the last 17 years – as she says herself “since she was Young at Heart with Great Expectations”. Before falling in love with cinema, she worked at Checkout, Food & Wine magazine and with EMAP publishers in the UK.

 01. When are you happiest?

On holiday somewhere warm with family and friends

02. Apart from loved ones, what’s your most treasured possession?

Maybe my Kindle but more than likely my phone

03. Your social media platform of choice?


04. The worst job you’ve ever done?

Hoopla stand at Funderland at age 15. No rest for the whole day

05. What ambitions do you still have?

Still working on an amazing invention to make my millions

06. Favourite writers?

I love Hilary Mantel and recently really enjoyed Undermajordomo Minor by Patrick DeWitt

07. A film you’d watch again tonight?

Hunt for the Wilderpeople

08. What do some people think about you that isn’t true?

That I might be a nurse. It’s ironic as I faint at the sight of blood

09. What keeps you awake at night?

Endless to-do lists

10. Which words do you overuse?


11 Favourite ad?

Frank & Honest Coffee’s Lie Detector

12. Favourite gadget?

Not a true gadget but parkingtag.ie changed my life

13. A brand experience that disappointed you?


14. What living person do you most admire?

Malala Yousafzai

15. Most embarrassing experience?

When asked if I wanted to go to see Michael Collins, I replied “you know I hate boxing”

16. Someone or something that strikes you as beautiful?

My kids, especially when they’re asleep

17. What would be your fantasy act of heroism?

Doing something to help solve the refugee crisis

18. What would your younger self think of you today?  


19. If you had to rate your life so far, out of 10, what would you score?

10 as I’ve been extremely lucky

20. You’re on Death Row, what’s your last meal?

Probably a Thai curry or a roast cooked by my husband with lots of roast spuds









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