AAI looks at value of ad funded TV

Livewire Duo

Why brands which move from advertising funded programming (AFP) to advertising created programming (ACP) stand to win will be discussed by Livewire’s Jill Downey and Jamie Macken, pictured, at the Association of Advertisers in Ireland (AAI) Toolkit breakfast seminar in Core Media’s offices at 8.15am next Tuesday.

From idea creation to transmission, the seminar will assess the value and impact of AFP and ACP plays in tackling business challenges and marketing objectives. Brian Keating, group brands director at AIB and a runner-up in last year’s Marketing.ie’s Marketer of the Year, will give an overview of The Toughest Trade.

Dermot Rigley, head of commercial and TV sponsorship at RTE Sport, will discuss the media side of the story for The Toughest Trade, and challenges and opportunities in AFP. Downey will overview the role that advertiser funded and created programming can play. Macken will follow up with a panel discussion as well as Q&A from attendees.

Advertiser funded programming (AFP) and product placement are not new concepts. The phrase ‘soap opera’ comes from the 1920s when Procter & Gamble used its home care products to sponsor radio shows. In more recent years, show formats were created for the small screen with brands stitched into the funding model – The Apprentice being one.

Livewire distinguishes between, what they call ‘immersive media sponsorship’ and AFP. In the agency’s view, AFP is programming which simply would not exist without advertiser input.


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