AIB’s new ads turns mortgages on heads

AIB and its agency Rothco has rolled out a new campaign which aims to challenge the way hopeful home-owners look at the commitment of a mortgage. Directed by Zak Emerson, ‘The Last Repayment’ shows real AIB customers who have just completed their mortgage. The stories told by the couple in the TV commercial are completely their own.

“Selling mortgages has become incredibly clichéd, with the picture perfect young couple enjoying the first day in their very own home; choosing paints, unpacking boxes, happily surviving without furniture. We turn all of this on its head by showing potential homeowners at the end of the journey,” Rothco’s director of strategy Patrick Ronaldson said.

The journeys are brought to life with photos and home videos from the family archive. By showing the end line, AIB helps consumers look at this somewhat daunting decision from the perspective of those who have done it and lived to tell the tale. “There’s nothing more powerful than the truth and by handing the narratives to customers,” Ronaldson added.

As well as TV, the new campaign also includes online, video, social and print.



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