BCI reports no short-term appetite for developing digital radio

Local radio stations have no plans to invest in a switch to digital radio in the short term and want a coherent, inclusive and co-ordinated approach to DAB radio in Ireland, a study carried out for the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland (BCI) has reported.
The report is based on findings by Athena Research, run by former RTE head of radio, Helen Shaw, and DIT and was funded through the BCI media research bursary scheme. Innovation in radio content is said to be key to digital radio success in the long term.
Focus group interviews showed that radio listeners want quality and diverse content. RTE offers digital radio to listeners in most of Leinster, Cork and Limerick. Stations such as Today FM, Newstalk and Radio Kerry were part of a DAB trial which ended last year.
Interviews with radio station executives found that they would prefer funds be allocated to DAB+, a more advanced form of DAB. Last year, Today FM boss Willie O’Reilly said that car makers could play a crucial role by installing DAB radios in all new vehicles.

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