Boy takes pride in sharing his mum’s cookies

They say kids always tell the truth, but can we really believe them when it comes to cookies? That’s the idea behind a new French TV ad, “Maman, la plus belle du monde”, for the Intermarché supermarket where a young boy who proudly offers Chabrior cookies to everyone he happens upon, bragging about how his mom baked them. But what’s he hiding?

Intermarché and its Romance agency chose “Maman, la plus belle du monde” by Luis Mariano to reinforce the ad’s emotion, with Rudi Rosenberg (Insurrection) as director. Intermarché claims to be the only French grocery chain to produce over 2,000 products in its 62 factories, including its Chabrior cookies. It is France’s third largest food distributor.

To see the ad:


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