Boys + Girls steps out with Three’s new 4G offer

“Be there even when you can’t” is the concept behind Three’s new ad campaign, launched this week to celebrate its 97 per cent 4G population coverage. Building on Three’s ‘Make it count’ campaign, Boys+Girls embraced the surreal with an exhilarating spot featuring a mum who’s stuck in work, bouncing with her little girl on the Three network.

Aislinn O’Connor, head of brand and marketing communications, Three Ireland, said that connection is fundamental to how consumers live today, which is exactly why the company is making a song and dance about boasting a 97 per cent 4G population coverage across Ireland. The new TV ad also celebrates the  network’s ‘All You Can Eat Data’ offer.

The 60-second spot, supported by 40 and 20-second cutdowns, was directed by The Sweetshop’s Mark Albiston. Shot on location in Kiev, the stunts were created predominantly in-camera with some visual effects augmenting the mother and daughter’s acrobatic feats. Edit, post and sound was by Blockhead VFX, Windmill Lane and No 4.






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