Bravo backs Focus Ireland

Outdoor advertising contractor Bravo has named Focus Ireland as its nominated charity of the year. Focus Ireland’s vision is that “everyone has a right to a place they can call home” and the charity works to make this vision a reality for people through its support services, prevention work and housing. Bravo will be helping Focus Ireland to get their message across with support for their fundraising and awareness campaigns.

Roughan MacNamara, advocacy manager for Focus Ireland, said the hard-hitting outdoor ads Bravo has on its sites currently act to highlight that up to 5,000 people are still homeless and that one in seven in homeless services is a child. “The help we get from Bravo will build support for our work to tackle homelessness in this time of extremely tight funding,” MacNamara added.

Bravo and Focus Ireland

Adrian O’Farrell, marketing director, Bravo Outdoor and Roughan MacNamara, Focus Ireland

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