Bulmers Cider ads return to time theme

In normal times, it’s just the cider that ferments for 18 months, but these have not been normal times. The new Bulmers campaign created by Goosebump was originally scheduled to break last summer, but then everything was put on ice – not in the way normally associated with the C&C cider. The new ads return to the brand’s tried and trusted idea of time.

The creative platform, When Time Bears Fruit, was conceived months before Covid entered our lexicon, but as time passed, and we all waited to for light to finally glint at the end of this long tunnel, When Time Bears Fruit gained more and more appropriateness and potency. Now, it’s finally out there, running across digital, TV, out of home and in pubs.

Karl Donnelly, marketing director, Bulmers Ireland, said it was great to see reopening progressing. “Socially our pubs have always been important, perhaps taken for granted at times,” Donnelly said. “I’m really proud of the new campaign. It’s a credit to all involved in its conception and execution. It’s exciting times for the brand,” he added.

Donnelly’s marketing team also comprises Amanda Jackson and Jeff Brennan.

C&C plan to host consumers and the trade in the Bulmers Orchard for a glamping experience and will support Ireland’s bee population – without which cider makers could not do what they do. The campaign title is ‘Alchemy of the Orchard’ with Pat Hamill and Mark Nutley as creatives. The TV ad is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oqJigznhRBw








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