Comedy course for PR people

Jack Murray,

Media training company has launched what is said to be Ireland’s first comedy improvisation course for PR spokespeople. The company’s boss Jack Murray (pictured) said it is not a joke. He is looking for 12 PR people who want to try their hand at comedy. “We think that learning the fine art of stand-up comedy would be a massive help to PR spokespeople,” Murray said. “Like talented comedians, great spokespeople can think on their feet, be quick witted and deliver a sharp and succinct story under pressure.”

Murray said the idea for the course first came to him when he worked as a spokesperson for the Progressive Democrats (PDs)  party over 10 years ago. Standing in front of a room of political correspondents was like stand-up comedy. “If your performance wasn’t up to standard, you’d be heckled or told very quickly,” he added.

The six-week evening course, which starts in early February, will be given by comedy improv expert Neil Curran, who has worked on techniques for brands. Limited to 12 people, the course will focus on how to develop and perform using the core principles of improvisation, collaboration, communication, creativity and fun.

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