Exterion Media’s Live! delivers transport options

Exterion Media has announced the launch of Live!  The new brand defines the experiential opportunities available across the CIÉ rail and bus network. Live! is dedicated to working with clients to ensure that their brand activation campaigns are executed in a seamless manner while maximising the opportunity to engage with commuters on their daily journeys.

Commenting on the launch, Exterion’s direct sales manager Lorna Carroll said they have been experiencing an increase in demand for large scale, immersive brand events that can deliver instant impact. The executions can brighten up a commuter’s day while simultaneously giving advertisers the space to interact with audiences at opportune times.

Antoinette O’Callaghan, marketing manager Exterion Media, added that Live! highlights the locations. “Commuters are premium audiences not just because of their demographic profiling but also because of the extended engagement opportunities in rail stations. Live! assures clients of the service and insights they expect from the brand,” O’Callaghan added.

The new Live! brochure can be viewed here

Pictured above are Exterion Media’s Antoinette O’Callaghan and Lorna Carroll

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