Folk rolls out Brennans bakers’ day ads

Brennans Bread has launched ‘Bakers Day Off’, using creative by agency Folk Wunderman Thompson celebrating the workers as they prepare for the bakery’s annual day off. The campaign takes inspiration from one day in the year. The bakery closes its doors just once a year. Yet even then, the bakers are so passionate, they only want to talk about baking.

The spot depicts Old Mister Brennan’s friend preparing for his entrance to the annual soiree, where the public is  introduced to the various bakers, whose commitment to and passion for their trade are the reasons why everything baked is ‘Better with Brennans’. Folk Wunderman Thompson worked to Brennans head of marketing Ivan Hammond.

Karl Waters, creative partner, Folk Wunderman Thompson, said that when they discovered that Brennans’ Bakery is open every single day of the year, bar one day, they used this as inspiration for the new campaign. “It got us thinking about what could happen when all the bakers across the Brennans’ range actually had a day off together,” Waters added.

‘Bakers Day Off’ is now live across OOH, digital video, radio and social media.

View the TVC here at

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