Griffith College hosts creative show online

Students at Griffith College have overcome the odds this year to put the annual graduate creative show  online for public viewing in the coming months. Normally staged in the college’s campus in Dublin 8, the students and lecturers from the design and media faculties have worked hard to display the graduate show online this year in light of the Covid crisis.

The show feature creations from over 50 young students from photography, interior design and architecture, to film and television, fashion design and design communications. Projects of interest include the work of photography student Freja Blomstrand, a Gallery of Photography Ireland graduate awards Nominee with a project entitled ‘She Shall be Pure’ .

It includes constructed images combined with interviews and quotes, questioning the common perception of the female coded body as a vehicle for something pure and perfect. Earlier this week, renowned director of Bristol Photo Festival and Director of Productions at Northern Narratives, Tracy Marshall, was part of a live Instagram discussion.

Design communications student Bonita Mphahlele project entitled ‘Alter’ will be on display as part of the exhibition. She found that as a young, black, African woman, it was often rare to find any characters that she could identify with as the comics she read were largely geared towards white boys and men and women often tended to be objectified.

Fashion design student Bethany Woodley is showing her new ‘Blind Spot’ collection. The inspiration for it comes from the vice through which visually impaired people perceive the world around them. Film and TV student Dennis Chehade is premiering his documentary ‘Rhyme and Poetry’, following two young hip-hop artists from either side of the world.

The Creative Show runs until Friday, June 26.

To view the show and interact with its creators, visit

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