Hidden Hearing backs new Daniel O’Donnell show

Hidden Hearing is sponsoring the new series of Daniel and Majella O’Donnell’s B&B Roadtrip TV series on RTE 1. Viewers can follow the duo as they negotiate the winding roads of Ireland and experience some treasures that only locals know best. The O’Donnells have no idea where they are headed, as the B&B owners take control of their itinerary.

As their hosts prepare various experiences, including a medieval banquet, hovercraft racing and boom board touring, all that’s left for Daniel and Majella to do is buckle up and enjoy the adventure. Dolores Madden, marketing director, Hidden Hearing, said that the O’Donnell’s already promote Hidden Hearing’s national ‘Campaign for Better Hearing’.

The campaign, offering free hearing tests to over 50s, is intended to encourage people to check their hearing and be aware of the knock-on health issues around untreated hearing loss. As it happens, Majella O’Donnell actually uses a hearing device to aid her in her everyday life.  The new series of B&B Roadtrip starts on RTE One tonight at 8.30pm.




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