Ignition duo turn attention to themed T-shirts

The founders of marketing agency Ignition, David O’Sullivan and Jennifer Williams, have turned their attention to a new business venture since the Covid-19 pandemic struck by producing a range of T-shirts under the Bloody Chic brand. The t-shirts cover a wide range of messages, both humorous and more serious, including their latest release, the 8:46 T-shirt.

What is 8:46? It is the length of time a police officer in Minneapolis kept his knee on George Floyd’s neck. O’Sullivan says it marks time on a tragedy, while hopefully signifying the very moment of change for something better. “We were shocked by Floyd’s death and equally so after hearing about racist treatment of immigrants in Ireland too,” he said.

“We hope people wear this 8:46 T-shirt as a ‘body billboard’ and become allies against racism, not just now, but as a reminder to us all in the future. We’re happy supporting the Immigrant Council of Ireland (ICI) with this timely and pivotal anti-racism initiative.” With each sale, €5 will go to support the ICI’s anti-racism work.

There will also be a series of 8:46 posters for people to buy.

“Highlighting a moment in time can signify the end of something bad and the point of change for something better, rather than repeating a chant that will become a cliché. Ireland has its chance through education to build an integrated society to prevent the effects of racism taking root. Being immigrants is part of Ireland’s history after all,” he added.

To see the full range of T-shirts, click on www.bloodychic.com


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