INM to get creative with ICAD on innovations

Independent News & Media (INM) has linked up with the Institute of Creative Advertising and Design (ICAD) as its innovation partner. The three-year deal sees INM collaborate with the institute for its awards, events and educational programmes. Having introduced new products to the market last year, INM is working closer with brands on delivering content.

INM will work with ICAD to further encourage investment in creativity across the advertising industry, particularly for digital channels, which typically sees less investment in concept and creativity. Mitchell O’Gorman, head of advertising innovation, said it is hoped the partnership will promote a higher calibre of creative output in print and digital advertising.

Investment in quality production is as vital as investment in the media itself, O’Gorman added.

Further details on the INM-ICAD tie-up will be announced in the coming months.

Pictured above with O’Gorman (left) are ICAD’s Elaine McDevitt and Rory Hamilton 


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