Irish agency’s Trump stunt gets lots of notice

The agency behind the Donald Trump crop circle stunt has admitted it’s a “little shocked” by the global reaction it received. Earlier this week the message “Блядь Trump” (meaning something unpleasant in Russian) appeared in a farmers wheat field, directly under Trump’s flight path to Chequers for meetings with British prime minister Theresa May

Dublin ad agency The Tenth Man, founded by ex-Paddy Power ‘head of mischief’, Ken Robertson, which created the crop circle, has admitted it’s been a crazy 24 hours after the story was picked up by media worldwide and sparked reactions on social media. The stunt was even tweeted by Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.

Robertson said that the crop circle at 200m wide would be clearly visible from the left window of Marine One. “When Donald Trump occupies 60 per cent of the news vacuum daily you have to be big, brave and bold to make an impact,” he added. We thought it would be talked about, but even we’ve been surprised by the reaction. We’re really humbled.

“We’re just waiting on a message from Master Yoda now,” he added.




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