JWT Folk rolls out HSE’s new anti-smoking ads

New ads aimed at urging Irish people to quit smoking have been created by JWT Folk for the Health Service Executive (HSE). The TV ad features real smokers and uses their explanations on smoking as a  VO commentary. Excuses to keep up the habit are contrasted with the dangers of smoking and its impact on smokers, their families and loved ones.

The campaign also highlights people’s motivations to quit and shows the best steps a smoker and those close to them can take to support efforts to kick the habit. Based on the insight that if you can commit to stop smoking for 28 days, you are five times more likely to quit for good, the ads target smokers who  tried to quit smoking in the past but failed.

The campaign strives to ensure these smokers believe that they can get the help they need. There are supports available free of charge from the HSE. It also calls on others to support the people who smoke around us to quit. The HSE’s see the ads as a way to reduce the number of smokers in Ireland to less than five per cent of the population by 2025.

While Ireland now has more quitters than smokers, there is still a cohort of people who are hard to reach when it comes to stop smoking for good – while eight in 10 want to quit only four in 10 make an attempt to quit the habit permanently. The campaign runs on TV and across video on demand (VOD), cinema, radio, digital, social and print.

Watch the ad…



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