Maktus provides some laughs with Irish souvenirs

Maktus is a new gift and souvenir store offering consumers Irish-themed mugs, cushions, prints, coasters and amusing greeting cards. Located in Dublin’s George’s Street Arcade, the online store sells products and designs which cannot be found anywhere else.  The store’s interior and soundtrack reflects the brand slogan ‘Liking Different’.

“In a world of multinationals it’s a rare and great thing to see that happening,” Maktus founder Aidan Prior said. “Basically I love design but also having fun with things. During the first three years of running the original shop Abode, I listened to what customers had to say and saw how they loved alternative gifts and humorous cards,” Prior added.

Maktus work as a team collaborating on gift and souvenir ideas. The aim is to make the store a beacon of local talent, providing up-and-coming designers and artists a chance to sample the retail side of design. With so many great graphic designers and illustrators in Dublin, Prior would rather work with them rather than buying in stock from overseas.

Freelance graphic designer Eoin Whelehan has had some fun. “One of the most rewarding elements of creating work for Maktus Studio is the collaborative process. It’s a very enjoyable work environment in which to create and one that has also been beneficial to my own output as a commercial artist.” New Maktus product lines will be launched soon.


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