MCCP study shows Covid-19 must be about ‘we’

The current Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is less about ‘me’ and more about ‘we’ as marketers try to understand consumers’ current fears, changing behaviours and evolving needs in an effort to know how brands and businesses may react, a ‘Coming Together’ study conducted by MCCP with a broad mix of age groups and family types indicates.

MCCP managing director Kay McCarthy (above) said the research confirms that the last few weeks have hit Irish people harder than anyone could have thought. “The idea that our economy would come to a halt and we would be confined to our homes is still a surreal idea for most. The big question we all ask ourselves now, is ‘what can we do’?” she added.

It’s not about ‘me’, it’s about ‘we’ – the prevailing concern is for others rather than self.

The term “vulnerable group” is extremely broad and very close to home for most; be it elderly grandparents, spouses with underlying health conditions and even children with serious medical conditions. This sense of concern is manifesting in a demand for those who are able to help to help, and the belief that they have a duty to do so.

Step out from the shadows

There is a strong belief in consumers’ minds that many big brands are standing in the shadows and doing the minimum whereas others are stepping forward and putting the country’s interests ahead of their own. Consumers want brands to be proactive and reach out to customers in distress and do what they can to support their communities.

People believe genuine acts of good faith will be remembered, as will those who fail to act.


People are revaluating what truly matters in life – Consumers are revaluating their behaviours and starting to prioritise what’s truly important in life. They are beginning to question impulsive and unnecessary purchases believing there are far more important things to focus on at this time.

They believe the longer this crisis goes on for the more lasting these behaviours will be and the stronger a psychological shift will be away from consumerism to something in their minds that is less shallow and more meaningful. Currently, this has resulted in a heightened sense of conscious consumption and the big question is will this be lasting or temporary?

How brands need to respond, step forward – Consumers are looking to big brands top be proactive. They want brands to step forward and support those in need. It can be both small and big, from reaching out to a customer having difficulty paying a bill to providing lifesaving equipment to those working on the frontlines.

Re-evaluate – When the dust settles, the world as we knew it a few weeks ago is likely to be very different and what we valued and how we behaved will likely be too. Brands will need to go through a period of self-reflection so they can adapt to the emerging value set being created during this time. They must communicate with their customers.

The price of inaction is far greater than the cost of making a mistake, McCarthy added.

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