Mindshare targets €5,000 in funds for Shave or Dye

Bill Kinlay, Mindshare

Today FM’s media planning agency Mindshare have jumped on the Shave or Dye bandwagon in an attempt to raise €5,000 this month for the Irish Cancer Society. Mindshare’s CEO Bill Kinlay (above right) has agreed to turn his purple heart into a purple head and pledged to dye his hair the Mindshare shade of purple if  the agency reaches its target by Friday, March 28. A total of  €2,700 has already been raised to date.

For every €1,000 another Mindshare employee will also shave or dye. Head of TV and digital investment Jill Robinson and head of radio and press, Conor White have both volunteered their heads for March 28. Anyone wishing to make a donation to Shave or Dye can do so at http://www.mycharity.ie/event/mindshare_shaveordye/

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