Mintel analyst to address AAI

Richard Cope, AAI Speaker

Mintel Inspire’s principal analyst Richard Cope will speak at the Association of Advertisers in Ireland (AAI) Nuts & Bolts breakfast in Rothco next Tuesday. The theme of Cope’s talk will be on how to reach increasingly elusive consumers.  Marketers are now adopting the trend of visceral experiences. Cope will speak about how advertising can engage with consumers’ sense of touch, taste and smell and win their attention.

Cope has addressed conferences in Philadelphia, Aruba, Whistler and London and has been on CNN and on BBC TV and radio. He specialises in consumer trends and applying them for clients. He has worked for MediaCom, Harrods, Legal & General and Channel 5, looking at how to engage youths in retirement planning, the potential of reality TV advertising and the future of wine retailing, coffee shops and the car industry.

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