Most batchelor degree graduates on €30k

People starting their careers with a bachelor’s university degree earn a maximum average of €31,075 in Ireland, which is a quarter more than the €24,608 paid to those who stop their education at secondary school, a European study by Willis Towers Watson global advisors into pay levels offered to recent graduates who had no relevant work experience shows.

Pay levels in Ireland for a bachelor’s degree were the 13th lowest out of 23 European countries. Those in Switzerland earned a maximum average of €73,370, €49,341 in Germany, €36,809 in France, and €32,437 in the UK. The report stated that Ireland’s pay levels were above the averages of €28,827 in Italy and €28,339 in Spain.

There was also a lot of variation among types of degree and the average maximum pay of graduates. The research found that having a master’s degree in Ireland led to a maximum average pay of €34,340, an MBA €35,547, and a doctorate €38,786. Pay levels can vary greatly and in Ireland jobs in marketing, customer service and admin pay the least.

Jobs in engineering, IT and law roles tend to pay the most.

The difference between the best and lowest paid roles can be sizeable, with the best positions paying up to around 30 per cent more. Unsurprisingly, more education equals more pay, though the jumps are not so great beyond a bachelor’s degree. The study shows a master’s graduate commands an 11 per cent pay premium over a bachelor’s graduate.

Someone with a doctorate gets paid 11 per cent more than those with a master’s degree. The Willis Towers Watson 2019 Starting Salaries Report for Europe, Middle East and Africa is based on 5,856 responses reporting data from 31 countries.

European countries ranked by average bachelor degree pay level:

1 Switzerland €73,370
2 Denmark €59,223
3 Norway €51,960
4 Germany €49,341
5 Austria €42,595
6 Finland €39,475
7 Belgium €39,008
8 Netherlands €37,520
9 Sweden €37,076
10 France €36,809
11 Slovenia €32,475
12 United Kingdom €32,437
13 Ireland €31,075
14 Italy €28,827
15 Spain €28,339
16 Portugal €20,983
17 Czechia €18,368
18 Greece €18,340
19 Slovakia €17,062
20 Hungary €14,840
21 Poland €13,439
22 Bulgaria €12,911
23 Romania €11,694




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