PML rolls out new platform for Lottery

In an Irish media first, PML Group has delivered dynamic digital out of home (DOH) at scale in a campaign using its proprietary dynamic platform. Working with Starcom and Rothco, PML rolled out its new capabilities with a National Lottery campaign which encompasses a live countdown clock to the Millionaire Raffle taking place on New Year’s Eve. €1 Million Guaranteed winner plus over 5,000 cash prizes will be won on December 31st.

The platform enables digital campaigns to run seamlessly across multiple networks and media owners. It uses a range of available data sources to optimise the communication across the day, week or campaign period and provides full control over the content without the need to individually supply media owners’ systems. Research has shown that OOH using dynamic digital content boosts overall effectiveness by an average 19 per cent.

The live countdown clock features on the Clear Channel’s new Tesco Live screens, the city centre street side Orbscreen network, and mall digital encompassing Exterion Media’s dPods and JCDecaux’s iVision. Supplementing the dynamic digital is a heavyweight national 6 Sheet campaign comprising bus shelters, Adshel and Adboxes.


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